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New England's #1 Junior Girls Golf Camp! The perfect environment for girls ages 8 - 17 to learn about golf, to discover themselves and learn about playing with and against other girls from around the world.

Girls Camp Summer Girls Golf Training Program Junior Golf


Girls Golf Camp's goal is for each junior golfer to progress at their own rate.

We will encourage them to improve daily and build upon their successes. At the intermediate level we will be getting the juniors on the golf course more often. The first part of this will be teaching them the basic etiquette of the golf game. We want to give you the skills needed to be able to play on any golf course. Golf is a very respectful game and we encourage our juniors to handle themselves on the course appropriately. This means having fun while respecting the game and their fellow playing partners. Golf has given me many opportunities that I would otherwise not have had.


GIRLS GOLF CAMP: Basic Rules, Strategy 

At this point it is a good time to teach them some of the basic rules of golf, such as: what is the difference between a water hazard and a lateral hazard, how to play a ball that went out of bounds and how to mark their ball on the green.

We will also be teaching course strategy. What is the best way to play the golf course in the fewest amount of strokes. Hopefully, that is your goal.  This is also a good time to decide if you want to start playing any tournaments, and if you would want to play golf in college. At girls golf we can help you with these questions.


Program Name


Age Range

Senior Advanced Golf

This four week program for the Elite Junior Golf Camper, voted BEST Junior Golf School and Junior Golf Camps in America, by Sports Illustrated KIDS, is limited in space and is for 13 - 17 year old girls with a USGA handicap index of 16.0 or less. It is for teenage players interested in competing at the high school and college level and gaining an edge. Gold level.

Ages 13-17

Junior Advanced Golf

A new program for the Maine Golf Academy for 10 - 12 year old girls. This pre-teen program is designed for the player that has a USGA handicap index of 24.0 or less. Black level.

Ages 10-12

Intermediate Golf Camps

This program is designed for the junior golfer that has been playing for a few years and has already learned the basics of the game. The instruction is centered around the young players set-up, and begins to incorporate techniques with the swings. White and blue levels.

Ages 8-12

Golf Lite

Same quality instruction and program, but instruction only a 2 times a week. The rest of the time fun summer camp activties.

Ages 8-12

Beginner Golf Camps

This program is designed for the junior golfer that needs to learn the basics of golf. Designed for players that are very new to the game or have never played before. Red level

Ages 8-12

Waterskiing Summer

 Waterski Everyday!


Tennis Lite

Same quality instruction and program, but instruction only 2 times a week. The rest of the time more fun camp activties.

Ages 8-14

Kennebec Summer Dance

Daily classes offered, with professional dance instructors from the Kennebec Dance Center


Julia Child Cooking

Inspired by Julia Child's desire to make it easy to eat well and healthfully, we have a great, fun and gastronomical treat for those who like to cook.


Intermediate Level Tennis

This level player has played matches and knows that she needs more top level instruction and time in a good tennis program to carry them to the next level.

Ages 10-15

Florida Winter Golf

Winter Golf Camps and Tennis Camps in  Florida. Resort living and summer camp program.


Family Camp

This is the answer to every parent's wish to go to camp with their children - our tennis or golf camps are the perfect vacation for your family.

Ages 1-99

Elite Tennis

This level camper has competed, trained and been exposed to a high level of competion, over which, he or she wants very much win and surpass. Special unique training at our All #1's Tennis Camp

Ages 10-17

Combo Programs

Combining the best of Golf and Tennis into one summer!

Ages 8-17

Counselors in Training CIT

A CIT is part camper and part counselors in training.

Note: We have a unique College Campus Visitation Program for interested Seniors and CIT's. We will visit 3 colleges within the full session and let campers experience a taste of what it would college life would be be like regarding sports, academics and socially. Extra fee of $400.  (Please indicate on the enrollment form that you are interested in the program, no later than April 1st.)

Ages 15-17

Beginner Tennis

Picking up the racquet for the first time? You've come to the right place. Typically this camper has not played many matches or even full sets.

Any age

Advanced Tennis

This level tennis player and campers arrive at camp with aspirations of playing on their high school team, is playing on their high school team and wanto play even higher. The also love to play local tournaments.